A script writer carries out the task of composing scripts on which the entertainment industry is based. Ever since its inception, this industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Film and television have come to hold sway over all other forms of entertainment. Irrespective of age, sex or region, people have an insatiable desire to spend their time sitting before the screen watching a movie, play, television, or playing a computer game. The moving spirit behind the enthralling shows is not the director, cast or the financiers; the entire credit goes to the script, and ultimately to the script writer. The written work provides a strong foundation on which means to mass media entertainment is structured. The profession of script writing is usually that of a freelancer. Although no formal education is required, it will be helpful if the writer of scripts undergoes a course in creative writing or attends a film school. He will then get acquainted with different facets of the television and movie world, how they function, their expected norms and how to compile scripts.

Ideally, a script writer has to possess certain qualities so that his output is exceptionally well accepted and sought after. He must have the inherent ability to tell stories or at least develop convincing ones. Besides being highly creative, the writer should be prepared to work hard and put in endless hours of sweat and toil. Ideas may strike at any time, so it is advisable for the writer to be ready to jot the ideas down immediately. Screenplay writers must be good at observing people, places, and events and carry a few appropriate observations into their script. This will make their work interesting, feel real, and appealing. The script writer himself must always strive to excel , allowing no road-blocks to mar his progress. A novice may be required to chip-in more effort than a seasoned composer of scripts. There is no short-cut to success in this profession. With the right mind-set and determination, a writer can go forth to win international awards for best screenplays.

A script writer plays a pivotal role in the production of his work. He may be called to make some remedial changes to suit the executives, crew, cast or the financiers. Often, he may be requested to assist in production itself. A screenwriter shoulders most of the responsibilities and has to work in liaison with many others in the crew, such as costume designer, musicians, camera men, marketing team, editors, and directors. This implies that the script writer must maintain cordial relations with all persons related to his work, be receptive to new ideas, and be willing to learn as he crosses one milestone after another. It is important for screen play writers not to be cowed down by a few initial failures. A few disappointments are very normal, but with each fiasco, the winner should invariably emerge stronger than before. He must try to expand his circle of business associates who are likely to boost his career, at present or in the future. Being seen at the right gathering, at the right time can assist him in his journey to winning approbations.