There are various ways to write a movie script. Below is list of seven of the most common script formats that are currently used by movie scriptwriters. Feature Films and Television Movies of the week are two of the most common script formats which are closely similar to each other. The last five in the list have distinctive attributes. Their unique characteristic sets off what the production requires, the actors’ manner of acting and the entire staff of the production.

1. Feature Film
2. Television Movie of the Week
3. Sitcoms (1 – camera, 3 – camera, film and tape)
4. Stage plays and Musicals
5. Audio/Visual Scripts/Dual Column
6. Soap Operas/Daytime Television
7. Multimedia

There are two ways freelance movie scriptwriters can propose their work, regardless of the format they choose to use in writing their script. The options are actually based on their intention whether they are attempting to market their script or they have found someone who purchased their work and are already functioning on the production course.

Submission of Movie Scripts
A Submission script is also commonly known as Spec Script. This is a script written by the screenwriter or screenwriters, even in the absence of a client or a buyer. He is taking a risk on the possibility that he might actually sell it. The viewpoint for most scriptwriters who are involved on submission scripts is to avoid the course where people work together toward a common end. There are things that Spec Script writers keep in their should do and shouldn’t do list that manifest this philosophy of movie scriptwriting. Professional, freelance, movie scriptwriters can follow accepted and well-established conventions while being creative.

Shooting a Movie Script
Most people think that when a script is purchased, it is immediately produced into a film. Reality is, the purchased script has to undergo a series of alterations and modifications before it finally reaches the production process.

All the settings and shots of a production movie script are limited in number. Furthermore, each setting and shot is disintegrated into all the sections needed to base on a movie. The task of planning the order in which the scenes will be taken is done by the production assistants and director. Their job is to make sure that the stage, cast and the resources used for the location are economically utilized.

Movie scriptwriting format has become more and more homogenous. However, it is important that freelance movie scriptwriters are aware that there is no particular way, particular set of restrictions and a particular manner when it comes to scriptwriting. All the software program formats are as appropriate as the commonly used formats of movie scriptwriting.