Book Publishers and Marketers:

We can adapt your author clients’ books into TV or movie screenplays at a substantial discount.

There are two main steps in the process, the first of which is usually skipped

  1. Treatment Writing Services
  2. Screenwriting Services

We offer full ghostwriting or credited adaptation services for all genres and niches. There are different packages for different clients, depending on their readiness to proceed. These services are as follows:

  • Book to Screen Coverage Services

We can start with the coverage service if the client is unsure whether the book will make a good adaptation to the screen. We will thoroughly read the book and consider its suitability for the screen. In at least 1500 words, the client will receive:

  1. A one-page synopsis, with particular attention to characters and key plot points.
  2. A description of the elements that will work well in an adaptation.
  3. Things to consider in the story adaptation — various ways we can go about adapting the book, some pros, and cons of each, and ultimately our professional opinion and recommendations.

The coverage/adaptation consideration process takes 1 to 2 weeks, depending on book length and workload. The client should read it, consider the ideas and general plan, and let us know their thoughts. 

If we are all on the same page and agree to proceed, formally planning the adaptation in treatment will be the next step.

  • Treatment Writing Services

After we’ve determined whether to adapt the book into a movie or TV series and considered the basic points of its adaptation — typically determined with the coverage services — we can then proceed with treatment services.

A movie treatment is a concise summary where all the preliminary restructuring of the story will take place. We will match the book with the best-suited professional screenwriter in our network who specializes in the genre. The screenwriting specialist will write this key screenplay planning document of approximately 2000+ words within one to two weeks, depending on the current workload and book length.

The treatment usually contains:

  1. Logline (one or two-sentence summary)
  2. Description of characters
  3. Three-act structure plot summary

The treatment can be completed within two weeks, depending on the book’s length and the type of adaptation to be done (feature-length movie, TV show, etc.). The completed treatment will also be sent to the client for approval before moving on to the screenplay writing. 

  • Screenplay Writing Services

Based on the approved treatment, the professional screenwriter will write the screenplay. Whether it’s for a movie or TV show, the screenplay will include all the industry-accepted formatting and slugline elements — scene headings, dialogue, action, etc.

The screenwriting package is flexible and includes up to 120 pages, which can be used for one movie/feature film screenplay, four half-hour TV show scripts, or two one-hour TV scripts. One page is roughly equivalent to one minute of screen time.

The screenplay can be ordered in two installments, after which the client will provide their feedback, questions, and revision requests, which are all included in the initial cost.

  • Screenplay Marketing Services

We can also go the extra mile to market the screenplay. Once the client is satisfied with the screenplay, we can help them get it copyrighted in their name. They will retain full rights to the screenplay! We suggest beginning with our marketing plan creation services because just like writing a story, selling the screenplay requires a well-thought-out plan.

The marketing services include:

  1. Screenplay marketing plan creation
  2. Submission to well-known screenplay databases searched daily by producers, film studios, and others actively looking to buy a screenplay or story to produce.
  3. Query letter writing services
  4. Much more.

Take advantage of our publisher discounts to get your clients’ books adapted into top-quality screenplays at the least reasonable cost and give your clients added satisfaction.

We look forward to hearing from you!