If you’re still in the idea phase or early in your screenplay development, we can help.

We begin with our coverage services. Based on your input and agreement of our plan, we can then rewrite, add to, edit, format, and finalize your story.

With our coverage services, we will read it all and let you know our professional feedback and detailed suggestions.

With our coverage services, we will read your premise, summary, or draft up to 10 pages/2500 words.

If you don’t really have much written yet, we can instead schedule a call for up to half an hour/30 minutes.

Most writer’s block issues arise when attempting to write a screenplay before properly planning the story and developing the characters. We can help with these issues to ensure you have strong characters and a well-structured plot. Whether you’re writing a TV show, short film, or movie script, characters development, plot, and conflict are key.

If you already have a draft, see our draft improvement page.