Script Consultant Services

Our coverage and script consulting services will provide a fresh pair of eyes and ears to help you through the screenwriting process. Oftentimes, we can help unravel plot lines and focus on character motivations with just a script consultant call.

Our team of script consultants is available to speak with you over the phone to provide live feedback about your story, characters, and any other aspects of screenwriting you’d like. We will help based on your specific needs and concerns. Perhaps you just want a second opinion or are stuck with a particular sequence. Or maybe it’s the nuances of specific characters — their psyche, driving force, and goal. What’s at stake if they fail? Who or what is making their goal more challenging?

Fleshing out the characters and their goals will help focus the entire structure of your script because it will clarify their goals, factors standing in the way, and the stakes at risk if the protagonist/main character fails. It also helps identify the antagonist of your story. Each story is unique but requires at least these basic elements.