Script Coverage Services


Our coverage writers are experienced story writers who can write professional feedback to show you different ways you can potentially improve your script. From adding drama and tension, perfecting the structure and pace, developing the characters, and an seemingly endless list of potential things to consider, our suggestions will help you to improve the overall quality and marketability of your story. Whether you’re still planning your story, only have the treatment, have a rough draft, or have already revised your draft screenplay several times, our experienced screenwriters can help.


We offer script coverage for treatments as well as screenplays. Whether you’re working on a movie, feature film, TV series, or short film, our specialized script readers can provide the invaluable feedback you need. Screenwriters often become too close to their work and overlook aspects of their story others can see clearly. With our script coverage services, we can provide ideas and approaches to your story you likely never considered and which can vastly improve its quality. If you have specific aspects you want us to consider in your coverage, just let us know. We’ll be happy to accommodate you.

By ordering our impartial and professional script coverage services, you will receive a detailed document containing the essential feedback you need to consider when rewriting your story. With this insight, you can improve your script’s effectiveness, marketability, and potential to be sold and ultimately enjoyed by audiences.

Don’t wait until after you’ve filmed your script or blown your opportunity to sell it to a studio. Order our script coverage services today.


Have you written a book? Are you considering turning it into a screenplay? We will read your entire book and write a detailed analysis containing our professional opinion of its suitability for the screen as well as a wide-variety of story aspects to consider. If you have specific aspects you want us to consider in your book to screen coverage,  just let us know beforehand and we’ll write your coverage accordingly.

One of the most challenging aspects for many novelists is determining how to condense a several hundred page book into a roughly 100-page movie script. Another challenge authors have is determining whether their book might actually be better suited for television than a movie. With our book to screen coverage services, you’ll gain an understanding of which film medium your book is best suited for and why.

Our book to screen coverage services can provide various ideas and potential ways to adapt your book for the screen. Determining which elements of your story to emphasize for maximum on-screen dramatic effect will be crucial to the success of your book to screen adaptation.Once that’s achieved, another task is to brainstorm various ways to maintain screenplay structure.  We will share our insights and rationale so you can make an informed decision. Contact us today.


All the prices for our coverage services are based on the length of your manuscript. Whether you need script coverage for a TV show, feature film, movie, short film, skit, or any other type of screenplay, the length of your script determines the cost of your coverage. The same holds true if you are ordering book-to-screen coverage services; the cost of your book-to-screen coverage is determined by the length of your book.

Whereas screenplays have strict formatting requirements, novel and book lengths can vary wildly based on the format. When properly formatted, we can determine the length of your screenplay solely by its page count rather than its word count. In contrast, we define a book or novel page as 250 words, regardless of where the words fall on the page.




31 TO 60 PAGE STORY – $70

61 TO 90 PAGE STORY – $80

91 TO 120 PAGE STORY – $95

121 TO 200 PAGE STORY – $150

201 TO 300 PAGE STORY – $200

301 TO 400 PAGE STORY – $250

401 TO 500 PAGE STORY – $300

501 TO 600 PAGE STORY – $350

601 TO 700 PAGE STORY – $400