Our script doctor services are used to rewriting and improve your screenplay. Most our clients begin by ordering our script coverage services to first determine the various ways you can improve your script. If you’ve already have coverage services or know precisely what you want us to rewrite and improve, we can start with our script doctor services to rewrite your screenplay.

As opposed to hiring a script editor who focuses primarily on correcting grammatical errors and typos, our script doctor / rewriting services go much more in depth. Among other things, our script doctor services can encompass rewriting dialogue and descriptions as well as restructuring your story for optimal dramatic effect. We can meet you at any stage of the writing process to develop your script into a well-written screenplay. We’re happy to follow your instructions and also offer our suggestions. Ultimately, it’s your decision how you want us to rewrite your story.

Since the breadth of rewriting varies considerably, please share your draft and contact us for a price quote.