Web Series Screenwriting Services

Our web series screenwriting services can help you write your web series for your website, YouTube and Facebook as well as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

A web series tends to be shorter than even a half hour TV show, but there are not hard and fast rules about length. Since it’s often independently filmed and distributed, there’s much more latitude.

Writing your web series begins with an understanding of your goals. This is best achieved with our coverage services

Web Series Coverage Services

Feedback about your web series idea, script, and/or treatment.

Length – 500 to 1000 words of feedback/coverage, suggestions.

Cost – $50

Turnaround Time – 3 to 5 days

Web Series Treatment Writing Services

Properly planning your web series will require developing the characters and relationships as well as writing a summary of each episode. Our web series treatment writing services provide this and more.

  • Episode ideas
  • Summary of up to 12 episodes
  • Description of web series characters

Length – 1000+ words

Cost – $500

Turnaround Time – 7 to 10 days

Web Series Screenplay Writing

Once you have a plan for your web series and have at least one of the episodes plotted out, we c an write the script for your series.

Length – per page

Cost – $80 per page/minute of screen time.

Turnaround Time – 3 to 10 days