We provide screenplay query letter writing services. Writing a query letter that gets noticed is paramount to your screenwriting success. The query letter serves as a sort of cover letter for your story — treatment and screenplay.

It is usually the first impression potential investors, producers, and financiers have of you and your script. When writing a query letter, you should introduce yourself, provide a plot summary, and illustrate why you think it should be produced — why it will be a wise investment.

After writing a query letter that will appeal to the reader, the next step is to identify the specific film industry leaders, studios, and directors that are best aligned to your story, genre, and distribution goals.

Query Letter Writing Services

When we write your query letter, our services will include:

  1. Reading your treatment and/or screenplay
  2. Succinctly summarizing your plot
  3. Appealing to the intended readers regarding the commercial viability of your story
  4. Providing 10 targeted contacts — producers, directors, studios, etc. — you can contact with your query letter

The prices for our query letter writing services are based on how many pages/words of your story we need in order to write your query letter.

We charge a base price of $100 for up to 3000 words / 10 pages of reading — your treatment or a summary of your story.

If you need us to read your entire screenplay or have more material for us to read, there is an additional charge of $1 per page over 10 pages.

For example, to write a query letter for a 110-page screenplay, it would be $100 for the first 10 pages + $100 for the next 100 pages = $200.

To save money rather than time, you can simply summarize your story in up to 3000 words/10 pages. You can even include just the first few pages of your screenplay. Either way, we do need a full plot summary to write the best query letter.