Act 3, Sequence 8: Jaws

While Hooper is in the cage, the shark surprises him and he drops the stick with the poison needle on it, then gets into a fight with the shark. Meanwhile, in the boat, Quint and Brody try to bring the cage to the surface, but by the time they do, it is empty. They do not know that Hooper has escaped and swam to the bottom, away from danger. Nevertheless, they have no time to think about him as the shark leaps up on the stern of the boat and attacks Quint. It slowly chews him up while Brody is helpless to do anything to save the fisherman.

The damaged boat is sinking as the shark comes back for the chief. Brody tries to fend it off with a gas cylinder he jams in its mouth. With the shark circling for another attack, Brody climbs to the top of the mast with a harpoon and a rifle. He loses the harpoon in the shark attack, and then resorts to shooting at the gas cylinder still in the creature’s mouth. After several shots, he hits the tank and blows up the shark. Surprisingly, Hooper surfaces still alive, and the two men swim for shore.