Act 3, Sequence 7: Jaws

Brody is upset that Quint has isolated them, but the old fisherman is now like Captain Ahab in Moby Dick seeking the White Whale, obsessed to the point of insanity. Then Hooper points out that the shark is coming back after them and Brody has no choice but to fight it with the other two men. Quint harpoons the creature with another barrel attached and they chase after it. But there is a shift in the plot.

The shark is now hunting them, so Quint decides to head for shallow waters where they can attempt to down the shark as it follows them. However, the engines fail and they become stranded on the water. Hooper makes the SEVENTH CRITICAL DECISION for the three men. He will go underwater and try to poison the beast. Brody is not a big fan of the new plan, but Hooper insists that they have no other option.