Writing a Screenplay

Feeling creative? Hopefully, after reading this tutorial, you are. What is in your mind? What story needs to escape? You now know how to release it, but will you?

If you have followed the steps above, you or any good screenwriter will be able to take your material and compose a script for it. Yes, screenwriting is difficult, even with a well-composed treatment/outline, but the process is easier when the story is known from start to finish before even typing FADE IN.

One final note: a good script is all about preparation and rewriting. Yes, you put a lot of work into the treatment, and you managed to create a screenplay using your hard work. But a first draft is just that, a first draft. Once you have the story completed, it is time for shaping. However, be proud you have a script to rewrite; many great ideas never reach this point. At this point, you may be too close to your script to see anything you overlooked to improve, which is why effective screenwriters seek feedback from professional screenwriters during the rewriting phase.