Act 1, Sequence 1: The Goonies

Meet the Fratellis, a ruthless crime family. Mama Fratelli and son Francis

Fratelli help the other son, Jake, to escape from jail in the town of Astoria, Oregon. During the ensuing car chase with the bad guys and the police, the kids – soon to be called the Goonies – are presented: Andy, Data, Stef, Mouth, and Chunk. Finally, there is the group’s leader, Mikey Walsh. He is in denial about losing his home and fighting with his older brother Brand. The INCITING INCIDENT has already happened. A pair of developers recently bought a neighborhood the kids refer to as the Goon Docks, and everyone has to move out. They planned to enjoy their last weekend before being evicted from their homes, which are set to be demolished to make way for a golf course. Unfortunately, Brand flunked his driver’s license test, so they are stuck at home and bored. Mikey does not want to believe that they are going to lose the house. Data, Brand, Mouth, and Chunk decide to go into the attic, where Mr. Walsh keeps excess items from the museum. Mikey tries in vain to convince them to leave all the stuff alone. Then Mikey finds a framed painting that looks like a map. Mikey’s FIRST CRITICAL DECISION is to have Chunk hold the painting. He knows that his friend is clumsy and will drop it, which Chunk does. They discover that the painting contains a map.