Act 1, Sequence 2: Back to the Future

Marty arrives at the mall with a video camera and we learn that Doc has transformed a DeLorean car into a time-traveling machine. While the car operates on regular gasoline, the time machine is nuclear and powered with plutonium stolen by Libyan terrorists in exchange for building them a bomb. However, Doc kept the plutonium and gave them a fake bomb. The time machine is tested by remote control using Einstein, Doc’s dog, as the guinea pig. It takes the animal one-minute into the future and back. They put on radiation suits and load the time machine for a second trip – one shot of plutonium, one trip. However, before Doc can go into the future, the Libyans show up with guns. In the INCITING INCIDENT, Doc Brown is killed, and Marty is forced to flee in the DeLorean with the terrorists on his tail. For his SECOND CRITICAL DECISION that moves PLOT POINT ONE, Marty hits 88 miles-per-hour and unwittingly blasts into the past. When Marty discovers that he is in the past, and the car no longer works, he begins walking toward Hill Valley.

ACT TWO GOAL: Marty wants to maneuver his parents so they fall in love and then he can go back to the future.