Act 2, Sequence 2: Jaws

The shark then kills a young swimmer with everyone watching. Brody runs to the water’s edge but does not go in as he orders everyone out. Later, the mother of the dead boy offers $3,000 to anyone who catches and kills the shark. At a meeting with the business leaders, Brody tells them that he intends to close the beach, but the mayor insists it be only for 24 hours, which surprises Brody. He does not agree with the decision, but once again, he does not do what he knows must be done. Then in the meeting, local fisherman Quint offers to catch the shark for $10,000 with the threat that if they do not hire him, they will all be hurt economically. Quint quietly leaves with a wry smile on his face. Brody’s SECOND CRITICAL DECISION is to close the beaches temporarily, and he does not even want his kids to go into the water. That night, two enterprising men try to hook the shark, only the shark pulls apart the pier to which they have the big hook chained, and they barely escape the beast. However, Brody’s decision leads PLOT POINT ONE, where fortune seekers come to the island to catch the shark and claim the money.

ACT TWO GOAL: Brody wants to do whatever is necessary to kill the shark but has the mayor and business leaders working against him.