Act 3, Sequence 8: The Goonies

With the children no longer on the ship, the Fratellis gather up the treasure, including the share of the treasure Mikey left for One-Eyed Willy. The scales tip and set off a final booby trap, causing the cave to begin collapsing. The only escape for the kids is a hole in the wall that Sloth strains to prevent from closing by wedging his back in it long enough for the Goonies to get out. Sloth sacrifices himself for his new friends and especially for Chunk. The kids wash up on a beach where two passing policemen spot them and call in for help. Their parents and families arrive for the reunion. Then the Fratellis come out of the water and are arrested, but the kids stop them from taking Sloth to prison. However, Perkins puts a damper on things by demanding that Mr. Walsh sign the papers to turn over their home. Mikey laments that they had the future in their hands, but gave it up to save their lives. Mr. Walsh is about to sign when the maid discovers Mikey’s marble bag where he put some of the jewels. Mr. Walsh estimates that it is enough to save the neighborhood. As they celebrate, they see the unmanned pirate ship Inferno, now free of the cave, sailing away.