Literary “genre” simply means a kind of literature which is usually used in referring to the types of fiction that concerns with a specific setting, subject or matter. All forms of fiction is possess their genres even the so – called “mainstream” fiction. North America a few decades ago had poor types of fiction that have managed to be profitable in the market because of the feeling of familiarity they brought to the users. They were simulations of the once popular novels such as Regency romance, the hard boiled detective story and the space opera; but this genre was too predictable and so a faction of readers, writers and critics rejected it.

For a writer to succeed he need to know his genre’s conventions. Even the writers of those lousy written materials must have had invested their skills in completing their works; however they must have failed to study conventions. Convention refers to an accord between reader and writer about particular points in the story. There are plots in the story that does necessitate you to provide historical backgrounds and scientific explanations just for readers to understand. There are details that are already very much expected, common and customary that explaining these details would be very needless.
As a beginner in this field, it is important that you are aware of your genre’s conventions because it is an influential ingredient in making a successful novel. It is important that you know the factors that make a good novel and know how to utilize these factors.

It is very advisable for you to write in one of those letters that you compose to yourself of your own comprehension and appreciation of the genre that you are working on. Your scrutiny on the literary genre of your choice could actually help you identify its key elements. This knowledge sequentially will guide you on how to trifle with the genre’s conventions to produce more than just a replica of your favorite author’s work.