“Storyboarding” refers to organizing a series of images. Although it is more popularly known when screenwriting, it can also be done in your novel. Storyboarding can help freelance screenwriters systematize the plot of your story.

Most of the time when we think of something to put on the plot, all we have are fragments of ideas and a collection of various mental images. It is important that we know how to turn the bits and pieces that we have into a logical plot. Fiction Ghostwriters have different options on what to do.

* Freelance ghostwriters can write a letter to yourself or

* Freelance ghostwriters can note down the illustrations or settings on 3×5 cards. Put them in writing on each card in the order the ideas strike you.

Lay all the cards in the succession that they happen in your story. It might not be possible for freelance ghostwriters to take note on the cards every scene in the novel but at least freelance ghostwriters already have the scenes that your mind aspires.

When screenwriting, you may also notice that you have several gaps in the events of your novel. There might be some episodes that are unexplained and might raise questions to the reader’s mind.

Screenwriters have to focus on these gaps. When screenwriting, you will get new ideas, and some might be better than the former ones. There might be a need to get new cards and throw some old ones. Doing research on the setting of the story might suggest more characters and scenes. As such, more cards will be used.

Arrange the cards in chronological order even though your story might conclude with a flashback of events.

There might also be gaps on the periods of the plot. This is fine and could actually serve as natural partition between chapters or segments of the story. It is not necessary to fill in the gaps with events.

It is important that screenwriters always provide a reason why each of the events in the story occurred. Scenes should develop your characters and contribute to the progress of the story.
The next step after freelance screenwriters have the focal order of events charted in your cards, is to turn them into a handier synopsis or outline.