A metonym for American movies, Hollywood undoubtedly leads the world production of movies, television serials and commercials. It goes without saying that Hollywood is the home of illustrious celebrities in every walk of cinema life. With the establishment of the first studio in the Tinsel town in early 1900s, the sleepy township was suddenly transformed into the production capital of films. As the center was rearing up to go, hundreds of auxiliary industries mushroomed to provide the much needed support. These included film studios, cinematography, singers, music and movie directors, screenwriters, actors, distributors and other members of the crew.

Hollywood screenwriting grew in popularity as the film industry galloped unbridled. New themes, novel scripts and kaleidoscopic changes demanded skilled writers who could match their talent with public mandate. Reel life is generally depiction of real life existing during a particular epoch.

Thousands of writers of varying expertise flocked the place to give the silver screen a new dimension and try their fortune at the most promising profession. These wordsmiths were an enthusiastic lot and till date, all of them come here starry-eyed and a yearning to win fame and recognition for what they think to be their masterpieces. Some do succeed, but most fade out with passage of time.

The reason for Hollywood screenwriting becoming an almost indomitable work is that the savvy screenwriters are not made of the same mettle as in the days gone by. Most lack the inspiration and many give up before they reach even the lowest rung of the ladder. True, there is a plethora of opportunities available today, like formal training, software to take away a large chunk of the bother of compiling seamless scripts, writing companies to assist the aspirant and the swelling size of the market. Hollywood screenwriting has become a serious business. On an average, there are about a hundred and fifty feature films, dozens of TV movies, and seventy odd TV serials produced annually and more baffling is the fact that a minimum of five scripts are written and paid for, for each of the artistic creativity.

Screenwriting was never before such a lucrative prospect as it is today in Hollywood. Do not go by the defeatists’ statistics alone. Aim for the stars to reach the rooftop at least! The culminating award is the Oscar. Keep your eyes focused on it and forge ahead without paying heed to the obstacles on the way, dreaming of the riches and the ultimate glory.