The eternal, burning question weighing on most Hollywood screenwriters is how to get the managers or agents to read their script so carefully pieced together by them. It takes a lot of commitment and much sweat and toil to compose scripts that are their masterpieces yet flung aside by the self-appointed authorities that may make or break the careers of enthusiastic screenwriters flocking at the gates of the entertainment capital of the world. The script ought to be so enthralling that the reader should want to pass it on to the one up on the rungs of the stepladder.

It is not roses, roses all the way for Hollywood screenwriters. All writers who have been film fans too, have aspired to don the cloaks of Hollywood screenwriters at some point or the other. The lure for awards, gala gatherings, big money, fame and success has not eluded the gullible writers from every part of the globe. Actually this is mostly a myth, a severely distorted perception of what becoming a screenwriter involves that too in the rat-race existing in Hollywood. Leaving a few lucky ones, most of the ‘wanna-beis’ attempts end in fiascos.

Becoming a Hollywood screenwriter is something that comes through dedicated efforts, the right training and after many hits-and-trials. Persons awaiting ‘breaking-in’ should know what it takes to make successful script writers in Hollywood – the hub of film industry. The misconception that this profession is a way to get rich and famous fast should be busted. Another point to be clarified is that writing a movie is something totally different from watching one. It takes patience, perseverance, professional expertise to write a screenplay that really sells.

Years of struggle, pain and anxiety precedes the production of scripts even of mediocre quality. Successful screenwriters are the ones who have the prerequisite knowledge and experience to handle the subject with dexterity. It is not everybody’s cup of tea and definitely not a layman’s.

Hollywood screenwriters need to have the talent, creativity, the steadfast dedication, rigorous practice and ability to face frustrations if any. The craft is a learnable proficiency requiring as much of inherent knack as collaborative determination. Like any professional piece of writing, script writing can be immensely gratifying, exciting and perhaps, lucrative for the writer.

Hollywood screenwriters should not expect overnight acclamation, respect, wealth or the ability to weave the magic wand. Instead, love for movies as well as for writing are a must for writing a hit screenplay. This, as well as having a team of fellow screenwriters to help, can make the difference in your Hollywood screenwriting career.