The thought of how to plot a story for a movie script is quite common in the mind of some people, but most of them probably don’t recognize the basic framework needed to deliver a story. Nobody wastes time watching a movie that has no good story to tell. Such stories need to follow some kind of organization.

In movies, just like it is with novels, the 3 act framework is the structure of choice when it comes to storytelling. You hook your readers or audience with a thrilling promise of a story. Conflict is introduced in the second act where you put your heroes against the bad guys. The final act, the third, is where the story reaches its climax and things arrive at an end.

If you want your screenplay to plots itself the right way for the actual chance of having it made into a film, you need to create a very good first act; this is where the producers make their decisions. If you can’t capture their interest in the first 25 pages, which are the usual length of a first act, you can say goodbye to the chance of your script being turned into a movie.

Second act is where your story typically start to take shape and get heavy. Characters, the introduction, and scene settings are done in act one, preparing act two for the main action. A tool most use to generate a plot is where a story places the good against evil. Take a favorite movie of yours, it is certain to have something about the good guy fighting against the bad guy in its plot.

Always keep in mind thought that you don’t introduce any climax to the story when you are writing the second act. Nobody would stay to finish your movie if you did that. Acquiring the knowledge on how create a good plot for a movie script is a process. Many did and yet still failed when it comes to turning their screenplay into films. And most of the time, things fall apart in the second act.

Third act is indeed another vital part in the plotting of your movie. Third act is typically where your hero or heroes win the fight against all odds, beating the bad guys. Some movies try the other route and choose an ending that is not happy, but they are the exception when compared to those with happy endings. Another option for an ending of a movie is where you leave the audience wondering what happen and let them draw their own conclusions.”