A screenplay consultant service is out there to make sure that a poor script is not produced, and a good one is improved to pass the competition with other outstanding ones. Consequently, screenplay consultants are considered as professional experts with several years of experience. But if you love movies and know what differentiate a poor script from a good one, you have the basics to succeed as a screenplay consultant.

To succeed as a screenplay consultant, you certainly need an extensive knowledge of the movie industry and of knowledge. You should know much more than the common viewer about the genres, and actors and directors that have popularized the genres. The more you know about the movies, the greater your chances to be paid for your opinions as a screenplay consultant. You also need a business license, since experts with a legal accreditation are likely to be hired by studios and receive correct wages for their services.

Nowadays, a screenplay consultant service is likely to be paid online. You should have a Paypal or a Moneybookers account to receive your payments, especially if you plan an international career. It is tricky to succeed as a screenplay consultant without knowledge of the Internet. You need your own website with a proper domain, and you should strive to attract visitors that may need your services. If you are not able to set a website by yourself, select a professional who can do it for you. But you cannot avoid the website exposure if you need to succeed as a screenplay professional. Ideally, your Paypal account should be linked to your website.

A screenplay consultant service has to be used with the most common screenwriting software programs. They are helpful when you download scripts that were formatted in a specific format. Some programs such as Final Draft are a bit expensive, especially when you begin, and have not yet received scripts to consult. But they will set you apart from the competition and identify you as a professional. Moreover, a screenplay consultant should subscribe to film trade magazines and screen writings newsletters. A screenplay consultant that keeps in touch with the latest news and trends has more chances to get hired and benefit from the latest opportunities.

Don’t hesitate to identify yourself as a specialist of a specific movie genre, even though you are likely to receive multiple genre scripts. There are several professionals out there that appreciate specialization and only choose screenplay consultants who can deliver a specific job and know what they are talking about. During the past years, the need of FS movies, horror and animation films have deeply increased. If you know a lot about such genres, you have what it takes to be consulted regularly.

Eventually, you also need to understand the screenplay writing basics. Build your screenplay library by reading books and publication of other professionals. Focus on books that indicate how to set a template for analyzing scripts as a screenplay consultant. You will have to give your opinion on the characterization, the dialogue, the pacing, the budget, and the marketability of the screen you receive.