Screenplay consultants for hire analyze screenplays and give their opinion on how to improve the scripts before their production by a film studio. Screenplay consultants play a vital role within the movie industry, even though they are not always appreciated. Discover what set this profession apart and why you should hire one if you plan to submit or produce a screenplay.

A screenplay consultant for hire does what a friend or a parent can hardly do for you: give an honest and credible opinion on the screenplay he has received from you. Many screenplay writers wonder why their scripts are usually rejected by film studios. Most of the time, they have been said that the script is outstanding, and that they have astonishing writing talents. It may seem true, but all writing skills worth nothing when your script does not follow closely the rules of a story telling structure. Moreover, so many scripts are cliche plots, or screenplays that repeat the same used-loved story. Screenplays consultants consider that they should advise you to consider another frame or story, even if what you wrote is pretty good. Studios are seeking fresh and outstanding plots with different angles of story telling structures. Therefore, don’t await the screenplay consultant to behave as a friend and accept what you did only because you pay for that. He has to give a frank point of view and give suggestions on how you could improve your screenplay before submitting for a competition, or to a producer.

People who consider that screenplay consultants for hire and script coverage agents do the same job are mistaking. Script coverage consists of a report on a script that has reached a production department. The script coverage is sanctioned by one of the following results:  a “Recommendation” when the screenplay is good enough to be produced and is marketable; a “Pass” advice when the plot registers too many weaknesses and is not good enough for the production department; and a “Consider” recommendation when the script is quite good, but should be improved in some ways before being produced. Screenplay consultants for hire are not asked to give such recommendations, and they don’t need to do. However, you should hire screenplay consultants if you need to improve the chances for your script to be accepted by a script coverage unit. Moreover, when you have to present your screenplay for a competition, remember that screenplay consultants can suggest points of improvements that clearly contribute to a better acceptation of your work.

Screenplay consultants for hire that claim to have the needed expertise to undertake a reviewing job may have years of experience and good credentials. Unfortunately, some screenplay consultants have just spent a few years in movie studios reading scripts, and they think they are good enough to analyze scripts and give their opinion on how to write one that kills. They are not simply qualified, and you should make sure that the screenplay consultants you have chosen can give proofs of truthful testimonials on their capacities. Otherwise, simply select someone else with the proven experience.