The screenwriter’s bible is a book created specifically for professional writers and beginners to learn how to write scripts effectively.   The author David Trottier did justice to the profession of screenwriting in this awesome book.  Below is a brief review of the book.


The screenwriter’s bible consists of six guidebooks all put together in a volume.

The book I titled “How to write a screenplay” with a subtitle – “a primer” contains an explicit introduction to the reader the subject of screenwriting.  It includes story telling basics using the 3 act structure with plot points.


The book II of the screenwriter’s bible titled “ 7 steps to a stunning script” with a subtitle – A workbook, is a workbook for the reader to put to use what was discussed in the first book.  It contains 25 points and an action grid.


Book III is titled “proper formatting technique – A style Guide –  formatting is an essential part of script writing which a screenwriter should not joke with.  It is a determining factor to whether your script will be accepted or rejected.  Here in this book, the author shows how to format your script adding his own 3 page script here.


Book IV titled “revising your breakthrough – A script consultant’s view – provides in-depth information about how you can polish your speculation script to make it look distinguished from all others.  He also directs the reader into how to revise to current speculation writing styles.


Book V and VI – “How to sell your script” – A marketing plan.  Every screenwriters needs to know how to sell the written script.  Here the author advises writers to guard their work by registering the copyright.  He also teaches how to effectively market scripts.

The last book VI of the screenwriter’s bible displays lists of resources and general index containing list of websites, books, contests, conferences and consultants.


The only aspect of the book that the author needs to work on is the organization of the book in proper order.  Apart from this, all the reviews about the book are positive.

All in all, the screenwriter’s bible is a must for all screenwriters and those aspiring to be one.  There is a testimony of an experienced writer who has been writing for a long time, but was having problem in formatting his script properly.  He bought this book, read and applied what he learnt and his writing skills got improved tremendously.  It does not matter whether you have been writing for a long time, there are still things to learn if you must excel in the art of screenwriting.


The author of the screenwriter’s bible (David Trottier) also includes good resources in the books for writer’s use.  Not only that he uses movies past to explain how to organize your story, format your script using his writing as a reference and how to market your script on your own.  This is an exclusive book that is not common and it is highly recommended for every screenwriter.  The book can be bought from bookstores online such as