There is no specific amount of money a screenwriter can earn.  Screenwriter’s salary varies depending on the popularity of the screenwriter in question.  A well-known writer can earn from $2,000 to $5000 every week while a blockbuster screenwriter may earns from $200,000 to $600,000 per script.  That is awesomely great!  Some producers pay more than others.  This is because some movie producers may because of the expenses incurred during the production stage of the movie. However, screenwriter’s salary comprises of all the followings added together.  There is option, guarantee, speculation script, pitch, bonuses, feature assignment and rewriting.  In this article we will be discussing some of these things that make up the income of a screenwriter.


Looking at these elements or payments that adds up together to form a screenwriter’s salary, we will first consider the option and guarantee.  Option is the money realized from selling the right to produce and buy a screenplay while guarantee is the money paid to screenwriters irrespective of whether the script is produced or not.


Another component of the screenwriter’s salary is the bonuses.   The bonus is paid after the script has been accepted and is in production stage.  The bonus can be for individual or group of screenwriters.  However, it is always stipulated in the contract.  Bonuses can also be referred to as the back end while guarantee is the front end.  This is because bonuses are paid after the work has been accepted while you get money from guarantee whether the script will be produced or not.


There is also what is called feature assignment.  This also contributes to form a screenwriter’s salary.  Here a screenwriter gets money through the script he writes either for a studio, for a company or for individuals.  This is done through contractual agreement.  The writer can use his original idea or concept or adapt from an already existing work written by other screenwriters.


Screenwriters also get money from speculation script writing and rewriting.  This is the script the writers writes by himslef or   adopt someone else’s work and then sell it.   Rewriting also involves writing again what someone else has written.  This is always done to correct errors made in the original script such as bad characters, poor humors or formatting style and when the script is written by the original author is not good.  So, even though you don’t have any idea sufficient enough to write a script on your own, you can still make good morning from other scriptwriter’s work by rewriting and speculation script writings.


A screenwriter’s salary can be much by the time the income realized from option which is the income from the right to produce and sell speculation script writings and re-writing, feature assignment writing, bonuses, guarantee and pitch are added together.   There is no notable limit to what any serious minded screenwriter can earn or receive; it depends on individual creativity and commitment to the work at hand. So, be motivated to write more so you can earn more.