Do you have to like actors to write a screen play? I don’t feel huge on spending time with them then absolutely necessary. I found this question pretty funny because there is a very important part of the writing process. In terms of knowing how an actor responds to material that there are going to work with. If you write a screen play thinking would an actor want to play this role. Would they be engaged by this role, is this exciting, interesting or original? Is this going to challenge them? Is there something to do here? Is there a realistic character?

Does this feel like a flashed out character or is this a complicated character. If you think about it would the actor in mind, it often acts as an incredible guide in writing a compelling screen play and often it’s the actor that drive production of scripts if an actor responds to material, that’s how screen plays get made. You might not want to hang out with actor but you might want to understand the minds and hearts on how the operate and how they approach material. This will help you write a stronger story.