Successful Screenwriting – Comedy Script Writing

Movies undergo changes continuously. When it comes to genre, there are plenty of them as well as new ones which emerge in time. You have your horror movies, romantic movies, romantic comedy, horror comedy and many others.

Based on its entertainment value, it is natural for comedy movie to be the favorite of most people. This kind of movie makes people laugh and as a genre, it is all age appropriate. Which makes it enjoyable for just about everybody. Yet another reason for this type of movie to be a favorite.

If you have a favorite genre of movie, it is also possible that you have thought about writing a screenplay for that specific genre. After all, a screenplay can be sold, turned into a movie and earn you a lot of money. There are many types of movie you can write, one of them is a script for comedy movie.

Screenplay writing is not exactly a breeze. Writing a comedy film script takes some pre-established steps to guide you through the hurdles of writing a comedy screenplay. This article will provide you with the necessary steps to take to produce a working script for comedy.

One of the first things you need to figure out are the jokes you want to put into the movie. Work hard to come up with good jokes which are originally yours. Also find ways to test drive the jokes to see that at least most people will laugh at them.

Now that you have the jokes lined up, you can begin with the script writing. It is imperative that you hold yourself to a high standard by providing only valuable content. Ensure that you are giving something to you audience that is worth their money, or if possible, more. It is a good practice to avoid watching any comedy film during the process of writing comedy. This might influence the jokes you come up with during writing, the kind of influence that is not exactly welcome.

Read scripts from quality comedy writer for motivation. Even if the type of comedy is not similar to yours, these scripts can serve as inspiration to keep you writing during difficult times. Another important element in comedy writing is timing. Delivering the jokes at the precise time is vital in comedy. Find the best times in which to deliver the punch lines in the duration of your film.

In the end, don’t forget to go over the script once you have finished writing. Give yourself a fresh perspective and make sure that the story is really funny and entertaining to future audience. Do the checking several times and give the script to trusted friends for outsider opinions. Afterward, you can start marketing the script by submitting it to agents or producers and then sit back and wait. There is always a chance your script will be picked up. Good luck!