A screenwriting contest is a great idea for you to make your first break into your movie business. If you are willing to accept the facts, then you would have agreed that it’s not every time that you will find someone ready to take up your work instantly. In fact, even where your work gets appreciated, the remuneration can be quite low, since they might consider you smaller than the older hands in the industry. So for those who are yet to make that big hit, or earn their first salaries, a screenwriting contest is the best way to roll!

There is not only one screenwriting contest that you may wish to join in. There are several criteria you must meet to be eligible to join, but you have to meet them to get admitted. Generally, these contests are usually channeled at finding the best and newest talent in the industry to promote. There are screenwriting contest programs that are targeted at finding a great script that can be developed into making a hit for the big screen.

On the other hand, there are still contests that have been developed by various foundations for the sole purpose of finding scripts for theatres and for the promotion of various good values and virtues. Well, it is very hard to find a good movie these days, and finding one that comes with good values is a breath of fresh air. For people that are relatively new in the business, joining up for the occasional screenwriting contest is a very helpful activity indeed.

These contests are the best way to get a feel for what it means to b a good screenwriter. This way, you can get a whiff of the professional scriptwriting atmosphere. Also, the mere participation in the contests is great for your portfolio and your resume. Furthermore, you gain a lot on experience that you might need to draw on in the nearest future, when you are writing a commercial script for the cinemas or movies.

There is the occasional seasonal (annual) screenwriting contest around, and there are others that are only held once. If you want to enroll in some of these, you need to be on the lookout for information on the dates and manner of enrolment. Get as many of these contests as possible and enroll for them. The internet should be a great ally in doing this, and you should send in as many entries as you can. Never forget to meet the requirements of the competition boards before making your submission.

If you do not meet the requirements and still went ahead to submit your script, you would have wasted your effort. You will be rapidly disqualified on the basis of incongruity. These contests for screenwriters are opportunities on your doorstep, and you should wisely capitulate on them. They help you to sharpen up your skills, and they give your talent a platform for expression. Keep on the lookout for them; something is bound to turn up.