A good screenwriting guide can improve aspiring screenwriter’s effectiveness. Screenwriting is a dynamic industry that you cannot dabble into as a beginner without the aid of screenwriting guide.  Every profession have guides to direct and lead newbie in the industry in the right way in order to make a head way. In other words, screenwriting is not a profession you can just wake up and start practicing or writing without knowing what to do and how to do it.

Screenwriting guide shows you how to write good scripts for television shows, video games, soap operas, movies and so on.  There are several screenwriting guides both online and offline and in this article we will be considering some good guides that you can lay your hands on if you desire to be a screenwriter.

A good screenwriting guide that is a good resource for every screenwriter is the screenwriter’s bible.  It is written by David Trotteir and it explicitly explains how to be a good screenwriter. This book contains six guidebooks all put together in one volume.  The first guidebook is about how to write a screenplay; where the author provides a good introduction to screenwriting with good examples to buttress his points.  The second guidebook shows seven steps to a stunning script, with a good workbook which contains 25 checkpoints and a character grid.  The third book teaches proper formatting technique which is the basic of screenwriting.  The fourth guide is about writing and revising breakthrough, the fifth is about how to sell your script showing marketing plans and the last book gave a list of resources and general index.

The book is a good screenwriting guide that will really lead you into your promised land in screenwriting.  You can get it at online bookshops especially at amazon.com at a cheap price.  A large number of percentages of good screenwriters out there have read and gave testimony about the book being a good guide for screenwriting.

Another good screenwriting guide is the internet.  There are so many websites that teaches about screenwriting in depth.  I came across one recently called screenwriting.info; it contains vast resources that are free on the subject of screenwriting.  It has a table of contents that spans though topics like how to write a good story; script styles, submission and shooting scripts; spec screenplay page properties and script length; script element and scene heading and so much more.  There are other websites too like creativescreenwriting.com, wordplayer and a host of others.  Search for more of this website on google.com and you will have a load of screenwriting ideas to get you started.

It is seen from this article that as a screenwriter who is just starting out, you need screenwriting guide.  The guides mentioned are the screenwriter’s bible and the internet.  These two and many more combined together will make you a successful screenwriter.  Don’t just read about the guides, but make sure you practice what you read, that is the only thing that can bring success to you and make your script a must read for every producer.