Script consultants are useful for the movie industry. They help to identify and separate good screenplays from poor ones, and have their part in the success of several Hollywood’s blockbusters and small budget films. Famous Hollywood producers hire script consultants whenever they get in touch with a script. They usually choose one of the following consultants who are known to be amongst the best of their profession.

John Rainey is a former actor who is also known as one of the best script consultants of the movie industry. He started as a professional actor and directed many movies after working with Libby Appel. John Rainey is one of the script consultants that fully understand the embodiment of movie characterization. He was appointed head of the creative department of three movies studios, and attended the Cornell University where he learned about writing scripts and directing. In 2003, John was rated “Best of the Best” script consultants of the year. He organizes writers’ workshops and expos on several campuses where he shares his knowledge with younger script consultants and writers.

Dara Marks is not only known as one of the most influential script consultants of the US. She is also one of the first women to have set a strong theoretical background of screenplay structure through a famous screenwriting book: “The Power of Transformational arc”. Several international magazines have rated her within the best international script consultants in the previous years. She offers stages, seminars and workshops that help script consultants’ rookies to understand and cope with the difficulties of the profession. Dara has also worked with several Hollywood studios and contributed to the success of well-known films.

Linda Seger in considered as the pioneer of the script consulting profession. She defined the job of script consultants in 1981 and set the method of analyzing a script and point out its weaknesses and strong points. Since then, Linda has consulted more than 2000 scripts and almost 40 television projects. She works on projects around the globe and some of her regular clients include studios such as Tristar Pictures, and famous directors and producers such as Tony Bill, Linda Lavin and Ray Bradburry. Several writers from the six continents seek her help to improve their writing skills and get their screenplays accepted by studios. She lectured script consultancy and screenplay writing in more than 30 countries, and is known as the author of many script consultants’ books, including “Making a Good Script Read”.

Rob Tobin is amongst the script consultants that have written several scripts for movies and sitcoms during the past years. He is the author of “How to Write High Structure, High Concept Movies”, and of some instructional screenwriting DVD’s that were produces by leading screenwriting magazines. Some of Rob’s scripts attended the semi-finals of the Greenlight project supported by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in 2004. He re-wrote several famous films scripts, including “Across the Red Line”; “Time for Joy” and “The Guard of Honor” for Midnight Soldiers studios. He reviewed more than 5,000 scripts for leading Hollywood studios.