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The Katie Holmes Emmy Nomination

The lack of a Katie Holmes Emmy nomination most certainly counts as a snub, for those who are not sure. Since the announcement of Emmy nominations last July 14, people have been talking about it. “The Kennedys” managed to claim ten nominations, with three of them for actors Greg Kinnear, Tom Wilkinson and Barry Pepper. However, for some reason, her acting efforts have not been recognized.

Award snubs are nothing new, especially for the Emmys. Bigger snubs have occurred than the Katie Holmes snub, such as when they snubbed “The Wire”. Some snubs are intentional and welcome. “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, for example, was snubbed in favor of shows such as “Conan” and “The Colbert Report,” possibly in response to how Leno was pushed back into the spotlight. Courtney Cox continues to be snubbed until today, from her run on “Friends” to her current role on “Cougar Town.”

There are many reasons for a snub. Sometimes it is because there is an overabundance of splendid shows and actors and since there can be only one, someone must be disappointed. In other cases, it becomes a matter of internal politics. It sometimes even becomes about spite and malice.

“The Kennedys” is a television miniseries broadcast on the “Reelzchannel.” It was originally slated to be shown on the History Channel, but it backed out of the deal. It is widely believed to be because the content of the show is inherently controversial. The fact is that the lack of a Katie Holmes nomination might be justified in this case, though it may not be in a way that is acceptable to the general public.

The fact is that the show has a hilarious number of historical inaccuracies. It is also incredibly unflattering. Ted Sorensen calls the show “character assassination.” Of course, this is no reason not to nominate someone for their acting – the fact that three cast members were nominated is proof of that.

The fact is that Katie Holmes might simply not be known for acting. She might actually not deserve a nomination. Her performance might simply not be robust enough. Her blank expressions are put up against Emmy Rossum, Katey Sagal and Anna Torv. The fact is that even with a weaker host of actresses, Katie Holmes might simply not deserve the honor. It is simply shocking because everyone else on the show was nominated. It looks awful, but it might be simply be a matter of not measuring up.