Screenwriting is an artistic overt expression in the form of scripts for the television, movies or the video games. Hollywood being the entertainment capital of the world has in its folds thousands of screenwriters of every category; some in their amateur stage while others have already created a niche for themselves. The word, “screenwriter” has a ring of resounding success. However, there is hardly a doubt that the inglorious life of a Hollywood screenwriter is riddled with a lot of apprehensions, stiff completion and rigorous hard work. A screenwriter lives a life of abject drudgery in the darkest recesses of the entertainment capital of the world. When a movie becomes a hit, the performing artists are showered with all the credit and hog the limelight, while the screenwriter in Hollywood is left to feed on the crumbs. A Hollywood screenwriter does not get what is rightfully his. Yet, there are a good number of people who throng the city with the obsession of gaining recognition as a screenwriter for the largest film industry of the world.

To be successful at this profession, one must understand the basics of the techniques of screenwriting. David Koepp says, “….the willingness to have creative fights is what defines a screenwriter.”  Life is tough for him when he has to placate a lot of audience whose pulse he cannot actually feel. Let us examine exactly what it takes to take up screenwriting as a career. It should be borne in mind that there is no one method that works for everybody. Sometimes it is pure luck, hard work and imagination peppered with intuitional foresight.

* Get yourself educated – An in-depth understanding of the intricacies of writing for a thriving entertainment industry like Hollywood is a must. Reading books and researching with Hollywood as the backdrop is a stepping-stone towards the attainment of the objective.

* Join coaching classes – Equip yourself with formal training. The credentials assist in unlocking many doors when you go knocking at Hollywood with stars in your eyes.

* Collect screenplays – These can be used as reference material. Samples of work, especially of the same genre that one wants to write act like guiding lights for one who seriously wants to become a top notch Hollywood screenwriter. Such scripts can now be easily purchased online.

* Practice – This alone will finally gear you up to take up cudgels at Hollywood as a screenwriter. Do not be daunted by a few initial failures and keep up the relentless endeavors.

* Try spec script writing and build a network of personnel in the industry. Attend many related events and be “seen” by important people. In this way you will surely master the skill of a Hollywood screenwriter.