Reality show treatments are vital to the process of making a reality show. The ever-growing popularity of reality shows is a clear indication that people would really like to see some more reality shows on-air with new and better concepts that interest and entertain them. If you think you have an idea for a reality show that you know is going to grab a vast audience, then you should present it to a production house who may buy your idea. However, as in all things, just having an idea or concept will take you nowhere.

Effective Presentation of Ideas

If you want the production house to go crazy about your idea as much as you are about it, then your idea needs to be presented correctly. You need to make sure that you put this down on paper in detail, so that producers get a clear idea of what they are getting into. When you sit down to write your concept, there are many aspects that are involved in getting it right; one of which is your treatment. Writing reality show treatments is no easy task and needs to be done in a way that will provide immediate insight into your concept and hold the attention of the reader at the same time.

Brevity and Being Concise

The main purpose of these treatments is to briefly, but clearly, convey your concept to the reader. When you present your reality show idea to producers, they may not have the time to go through the whole story or script and may only want to have a look at your treatment. Your treatments will play a vital role in whether or not you will be able to sell your idea.

Points to Include in Your Treatment

1. Firstly, reality show treatments should explain the format of the show, whether it is going to be a game show, a reality competition series, or a documentary.

2. Reality show treatments should be able to portray a clear outline of the show. Mention the title and make sure it is a catchy, but short, one. Include a brief summary about the cast, the locations that will be used, and also the details of the setting in which each episode will be shot in.

3. Reality show treatments should also mention why you think they will appeal to your audience and also mention what sort of emotions and reactions they would target or generate.

4. Treatments should also include a brief outline of each episode and how each episode will build up to the climax.

5. While covering all of these points, you must keep in mind that reality show treatments are no more than three pages.

6. Make your treatment appealing and lively; aim to be able to catch the attention of the reader within 60 seconds of reading.

If these points are addressed while writing these treatments, you can be sure it will be one that grabs instant attention and will surely open up further prospects. Working with a screenplay ghostwriter and editor would further help to ensure that you produce a high-quality reality script. Screenwriting is a collaborative process and rewriting and editing are a significant part of this process.