Act 2, Sequence 3: The Goonies

Mikey, Data, Mouth, and Chunk head for the coast on their bicycles. Mrs. Walsh returns home to find Brand tired up and releases him, then sends him to find his brother. However, the boys let the air out of his bike tires, so he steals the smaller bike of a neighbor girl. Unfortunately, Brand encounters bully Troy Perkins driving his sports car with Andy and Stef. Troy drags Brand and his little bike, then runs him off the road. Meanwhile, Mikey, Data, Mouth, and Chunk find the first landmark on the map that leads them to an old derelict seaside restaurant. In a barn on the property, Chunk sees the Fratelli’s ORV car, riddled with bullet holes, and knows it was the prison escape vehicle. But before he can warn the others, they enter the restaurant ,where they are intercepted by Mama and Jake Fratelli.

On a pretense to go to the bathroom, Mikey slips away to look for the treasure, but discovers Sloth instead. Sloth is the third Fratelli son. A deformed giant of a man, he is still a child mentally. That causes Mama Fratelli to kick the boys out of the place. Brand joins them as they watch the restaurant where the Fratellis stuff a big bag in the SUV and drive away. Brand, Data, Mouth, and Chunk want to go home at this MIDPOINT where nothing has gone right, and no one believes but Mikey. But to Mikey, there is no more home for them if they do not succeed in finding the treasure. Everything may be going wrong, but Mikey’s THIRD CRITICAL DECISION is to continue with the treasure hunt, even though there is a scary being in the restaurant basement.