Act 2, Sequence 4: The Goonies

Stef and Andy join the boys. They blew off Troy because he was being a jerk. First Mikey, Data, Mouth, and Chunk go back inside the restaurant. Then Brand, Stef, and Andy enter. However, they cannot find an entryway below until Chunk drops a large container of water and they trace the flow to a drain. At the same time, Data locates a printing press turning out fifty-dollar bills.

When Chunk follows his nose for ice cream into a freezer, the kids are confronted with a dead body that has a hole in the head. They cannot run away because the Fratelli family has returned. There is no place to go but the drain and the caverns below. The other kids do not realize that Chunk is not with them, but still trapped in the freezer, until it is too late. When he finally catches up to them, they decide to send him for help, but unwittingly flags down the Fratellis’ car and they capture him. In the caverns, the Goonies decide to shake the pipes in the ceiling, hoping to attract attention. Instead, they break them and are forced into the FOURTH CRITICAL DECISION made as a group, which is to move further into the caverns, where they are faced with scarier situations.