Act 2, Sequence 5: Back to the Future

Marty invades George’s house at night dressed in his radiation suit and helmet, pretending to be an alien. Playing loud rock music, he orders George to ask Lorraine out and the next day Marty is pleased when George is ready to try. He coaches George in technique. They go to the soda shop to find Lorraine and her friends, but once again Biff interferes. And once again, Marty saves his mother but is forced to flee the angry bully on a makeshift skateboard. In the ensuing chase, Marty escapes by causing Biff to crash his car into a manure truck. Lorraine ignores George and even tracks Marty down at Doc’s house, where he learns that George still has not asked her out, and she wants Marty to do so. She thinks a man should fight to protect the woman he loves, just like Marty did for her. With Lorraine now more madly in love with him, Marty’s FIFTH CRITICAL DECISION is to devise a plan to take Lorraine to the dance. There he will fabricate an incident that will allow George to rescue her, and the two will fall in love.