Act 2, Sequence 6: Back to the Future

Marty briefs George on the plan. He will make a pass at Lorraine in the car, and George will dramatically save her, and then she will fall in love with George. However, the plan comes apart when Biff shows up instead, looking for payback for the damage done to his car. But he has his posse take Marty to the back of the school while he forces himself on poor Lorraine. Helplessly, she fights him when George finally shows up. Biff orders George to go away, but he refuses, so the bully decides to teach the wimp a lesson. All appears lost until Biff pushes Lorraine as she tries to come to George’s aide. That infuriates George, and he knocks Biff out with one big punch, then the two lovers head for the dance. With the assistance of the dance band, Marty gets away from Biff’s posse but discovers that he is still not in the clear, as his parents have not yet kissed. So Marty fulfills one of his dreams by playing with the band because the lead guitarist injured his hand helping Marty and cannot play. His parents kiss on the dance floor, and Marty is saved. With his parents’ relationship on track, Marty also decides to try to rescue the future Doc. His SIXTH CRITICAL DECISION, the SECOND PLOT POINT, is to try to prevent Doc from being shot by the Libyans.

ACT THREE GOAL: Marty wants to save Doc Brown from being killed by terrorists in the future.