Act 2, Sequence 6: The Goonies

Chunk and Sloth are trapped together, and they are starting to bond while the Fratellis are hot on the trail of the Goon Doc kids in the caverns. The Goonies continue to follow the clues and use a key they think will open a door, but it releases another booby trap. However, it also leads them to another room. Meanwhile, Chunk tries to call the police on the phone, but the cop does not believe him because of his past exaggerated stories, so he and Sloth also go down into the caverns. The Fratellis catch up to the kids and force them to flee further into the caverns, where Data leaves an oil slick on a log across a chasm. When Francis crosses, he slips and falls and then Jake tries to help, only to fall victim as well. The kids come to a dead end with an organ made of human bones and notice that there are musical notes on the map, but it says that one wrong note will result in death. Andy plays the notes. They have no choice. She plays them correctly, or they will die. The music causes a wall to open, but a few wrong notes have placed the kids in peril when the floor falls away. However, she plays the last note, and an escape appears in the form of a waterslide. With the Fratellis close behind them, the Goonies make the SIXTH CRITICAL DECISION to take the extreme slide that leads to PLOT POINT TWO, before falling into a large underground room.

ACT THREE GOAL: Mikey wants to take the treasure back with them to save their homes and neighborhood.