Act 2, Sequence 5: The Goonies

The Fratellis interrogate Chunk as he spins a tale they do not believe. Down in the cavern, the Goonies stumble upon a skeleton they believe is Chester Copperpot, which implies they are on the right trail, but Mikey unwittingly releases some bats and then sets off a series of booby traps. The bats fly to where the Fratellis are threatening to torture Chunk. The bad guys realize where the kids are and follow them after they put Chunk in with Sloth. Deep in the caverns, the kids come to a place where there are a lot of coins scattered around and realize that they are under the town’s wishing well.

They have not yet found the treasure. Bad boy Troy is above at the well and lowers a rope to rescue the kids. Nevertheless, Mikey’s FIFTH CRITICAL DECISION is to go on in the hunt and not up to safety. The rest of the kids do not agree with him, especially Andy. She wants to leave and go home. Yet Mikey challenges them with the reality that the next time they see the sky, it will be over another town. He repeats the phrase that it is their time and to go up is to surrender. Andy sends her coat up the rope to Troy as a sign that she is now a Goonie.