Alejandro Urdapilleta (Montevideo, Uruguay;) (March 10 of 1954) is an Uruguayan actor, screenwriter and author, a naturalized Argentine, who had his acting career in the neighboring country of Argentina.


Urdapilleta was born in 1954 in Montevideo. He was the second son of a military parent (Fernando Urdapilleta) and a housewife mother, who were both Argentinians. In 1977 he traveled to England where he took employment as a butler. He resigned and after being in Spain a short time returned to Argentina in 1981. In 1984 he began to participate, either individually or in a group, with Batato Barea, Humberto Tortonese and other artists at the Parakultural. This continued until the beginning of the 1990s. Its most important performances included Alfonsina Evil, Juana Method, The Carancha, Dear Mamita, Decorated Poetry, Chancha Meat and The Dying. In the official theater he joined the casts of Hamlet or war theaters (Teatro San Martín), Lightning, Martha Stutz, Lunch at Home of Ludwig w. and Mein Kampf (farce). He stood in Gasalla 91 final time, Tumberos, Black Sun and murderous women in television.

He is also dedicated to writing. He has already published Wagons Transporting Smoke (2000), Página/12 chosen among the best books of the year Legion Re-ligión. 13 Prayers (2007), and finally The Possessed (2008), although he said that he was no writer nor does literature. His literary influences are Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe, Julio Cortázar and Silvina Ocampo, among others.

He won four awards for his performances: two ACE Awards for his role as Polonius in Hamlet (1991 / 92) [ 4 ] and Lightning (1995 / 96);[ 5 ] a Martín Fierro by his interpretation of the dry in Tumberos (2002) [ 6 ] and the Astor Award for best actor for his performance in the film Good Bye, Dear Moon.



* 1989: Kindergarten

* 1989: Sepoys (the third invasion)

* 1991: Live Mata

* 1995: The Ballad of Donna Helena

* 1998: The Sleepwalker, Memories of the Future

* 2003: Farewell, Beloved Moon

* 2004: La Niña Santa

* 2007: The Antenna

* 2009: Toda la gente sola

* 2009: Dirty Saints

* 2010: Not him while the devil


* 1991: Gasalla 91

* 1997: The guarantor

* 2000: Final time

* 2002: Tumberos

* 2003: Black Sun

* 2005: Murderous women

* 2010: What the time we left