Borocotó, Pseudonym of Ricardo Lorenzo Rodríguez (born 2 January 1902 in Montevideo, Uruguay, d. 19 June 1964 in Buenos Aires) It was a sports journalist, writer and screenwriter Uruguayan, based in Argentina, highlighted by the influence of their views on football, especially since The graphic magazine. He was the inventor of the term “machine” to define a famous team of river plate in the 40s.


Ricardo Lorenzo Rodríguez was born in Montevideo Guruyú, Uruguay. He migrated to the Argentina and settled in Buenos Aires. He began working in journalism, Publisher Atlantis, and one of their first notes was referred to the Montevideo Carnival, which argued that lubolas of candombe groups wore a rhythm “bo-ro-co-tó cha-chás”. One of their chiefs recommended use this onomatopoeia as a pseudonym.

Within Publisher Atlantis, he joined the staff of the magazine The chart, along with other prominent sports as Dante panzeri and Félix Daniel frascara journalists. Borocotó stood for manners and emotional style in his sports stories geared to defend the “pasture soul” as the River Plate football essence.

It was who invented the term “The machine” to designate a famous river plate equipment in the 1940s. He wrote several books, more adapted for the cinema, and he personally was screenwriter of several successful films, including rag ball (1948) directed by Leopoldo Torres rivers.

He wrote on the back cover of The graphic a column of popularity, called “Apiladas”, where dealt with reflections and everyday issues related to sport.


Also made radio Fioravanti and Washington Rivera Cabalgata Deportiva gillette, a pioneer in the treatment of sport in Argentina. Already with his son, as Radio freedom it gave football with the Borocotó.


Beyond football, Borocotó was passionate about cycling and was involved in Auto Racing and boxing. Basketball used the pseudonym “D. hook”.

17 October 1948, founded sacachispas Fútbol Club, in the neighborhood of Villa soldati Buenos Aires city. Name took a friend cyclist and flowers t-shirt color lilac which grew on the ground where the stadium was built.

Film scripts

Borocotó was the author of the following scripts for movies:

1. Leather ball, history of a passion (1963)

2. Sacachispas (1950)

3. Steel Roadsters (1950)

4. With the same colors (1949)

5. His last fight (1949)

6. Cloth ball (1948)

Family relationships

Lorenzo Eduardo “Borocotó Junior”, pediatrician and Argentine politician, is his son