Antonio Zurera Aragon (born on 11 March 1957 in Aguilar de la Frontera). He is a director, producer and animator Spanish.


Start his career in Madrid in 1979, working in series to Hanna-Barbera. In that same year, joins studies thin cross remaining for the completion of the series for TVE Don Quixote. In 1981 he made the storyboard and layout for what would be his first experience in an animated feature film Katy Caterpillar in the Moro studies, where he played implementation helper functions.

1982 Creates its own animation Mm cartoon, S.A., along with his partner Izquierdo Ángel, Studio developing different projects of animation and advertising spots.

In 1984 he moved to Paris Gaumont hired to carry out three films “Asterix”. In 1987 he returned to Madrid and returned to millimeters, S.A., responsible for the creation, design and pre-production department from which directs the pre-production of different international projects “Asterix in Amerika”, “The Pink Panther”, “Sonic”, “Madeline”, “street shark”, “Doug”, “All dogs go to heaven”, “Babar”, “Fantomcat”, “Pipi Longstocking”, “Sabrina”, etc.

Between 1998 and 2000, co-directs alongside Angel left the television series “Os Vixilantes do Camiño”, for the RTVG. In 2002 directed realization of visual development and character design of five films from television for Dic Entertainment, L.P. “,” Sabrina, Friends forever “,” My Fair Madeline “,” Dennis the Menace, Cruise Control “,” The Lost World “and” Fox “.

Linked to Córdoba is increased from the year 1999, collaborating in the Organization of Forum Cartoon of the year and participating trainer in various courses organized by the Delegation of Cordova and the Board of Andalusia and University extension courses at the University of Córdoba.

In addition, his involvement with the city and the Andalusian animation industry consolidates with the Constitution of the cordovan m5 Audiovisual, animation production company currently chaired.

It also highlights his work as director of the International Festival of animation Aniacor.

During this time, Antonio Zurera has not abandoned his facet of creator and writer and has been designing several animation projects both including the TV series. In 2002 he wrote and produced the movie dragon hill, led Angel Izquierdo and managed to collect 250 thousand euros in Spain of great successes in countries such as Holland. dragon hill was awarded by the Academy of cinema Goya for best animated film in the year 2003. In 2006 Zurera writes a sequel to dragon hill titled the magic cube. Directed by Ángel Izquierdo, and co-produced by the Delegation of Cordova (on the M-5 Audiovisual production company), was nominated for Goya as best animated film.

Is currently finalizing the production of his film “Rh +, the vampire of Seville, and is in development phase of your next” adventures and misadventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha “, an updated version of the Cervantes novel that keeps intact the spirit of it is masterfully adapted to present day children’s world

Antonio Zurera projects such as “Oscar Lion” or “Violeta and the House of the full moon” have already been released and marketed are in production and development phase for its own producers, Millimeters, S.A. and m5 Audiovisual, S.L.

Antonio Zurera soon taught several classes in the course “Audiovisual animation” of the University Carlos III of Madrid.

10 March 2007 became a favorite son of his people, Aguilar de la Frontera.


Feature films

* 2002. dragon hill (mm). Script and production. Web “dragon hill”

* 2006. The magic cube (mm). Script and production. Web “Magic cube”

* 2007. RH + vampire of Seville. Script and direction. Web “RH +, the vampire of Seville”

Short films

* Zechariah Zombie. Direction.

Awards and nominations

* 2003. Goya Award for the best animated feature film by dragon hill, and a nomination for best original song.

* 2007. Nominated for the Goya Award for the best feature film by the magic cu