Arturo lorusso was medical, playwright, politician and writer who was born in corigliano calabro, Cosenza province, Italy, on 14 December of 1884 and lived from three months old and died in Buenos Aires – Argentina on March 14, 1947.

Early years

He was the son of an Italian agronomist who had arrived in Argentina sent by King Umberto I in a professional exchange to lay the foundations of the Faculty of Agronomy, collaborating in the creation of the school of Agronomy in General Rodríguez ( Luján) academic background of it. He studied in Buenos Aires and graduated first pharmacist and physician in Medical school in that city. He financed his studies for Caras y Caretas magazine writing his first stories which used satire as a prelude to laughter, dispensing with the aggressive tone.

His move to Córdoba

Dr. Lorusso reached Alta Gracia city in the Province of Córdoba a holiday at the suggestion of Dr. Trongé and his colleague in 1921 and was so pleased with the charms of the place and the favorable climate for the care of his wife Ectelinda Lahitte remained to live permanently in town in a House called Villa Italy, subsequently occupied by his friend Dr. Umberto Illia. His performance as a rural doctor liked talking to their mostly poor patients who were given free remedies. Used to say: “there are two kinds of diseases: which heal and which does not heal.” “And two classes of patients, those are because they have lots of money to get sick and them are precisely because they don’t have.”

He had political action in the Radical Civic Union, used to talk followed Hipólito yrigoyen when you stayed at the Hotel Sierra, maintained a close friendship with Marcelo T. de alvear and became the highest supported the authority in the area.

His literary work

Already in 1912 he released his first play, Gold Manchita, followed in 1917, by don feline Insula, presented by the cast of the actor Roberto casaux. Other theatrical works remind La botica front, 1920, Deputy for barracks, Antonio mine and A round business, and he wrote and made music a Serrana song recorded Agustín Magaldi and Azucena Maizani entitled Mama ievame pa’l village. He also wrote the novel fire on the mountain, for which in 1936 he won the second national prize for literature (first prize not nominated) and was made into a film in 1943 scripted by Arturo Lorusso, José Ramón Moon and Carlos Torres rivers, who also directed.

Another of his plays entitled Mandinga in the sierra, written in collaboration with Rafael Rosa, motivated a film with the same name directed by Isidoro Navarro and performed by Louise Vehil and Nicholas Fregues, which premiered on March 7, 1939. On a Lorusso, work with hyphen in collaboration with Joaquín bas Gómez and José Ramón Moon, the shaman to duilio marzio, Elida Gay Palmer, Fernanda Mistral and Mario soffici was shot and directed by him.

Dr. Arturo Lorusso died 14 March 1947.


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