Carles Mira Franco (Valencia, Spain, March 14, 1947-ib. 12 January 1993) was a director and screenwriter Spanish.


Brother of the actress and theatre director was born in Valencia (Spain), magüi Mira. He studied Political science in Madrid and served as assistant director and actor José Luis Gómez. He made his film debut with the short film biotope (1973), followed by three others: A report to an Academy and Michana (1975), and Biure biure sense (1976).

Portentosa life of the stop Vicent (1978) was her first feature film, defined himself as ‘an allegation of manipulation of history’. Starring Albert boadella and father Vicente Ferrer, the film sparked the ire of conservative sectors of Valencian society on how this was the life and miracles of the Holy.[ 1 ] After which a bomb explosion at the venue where the film in Alcoy is exhibited, this was not premiered in any other town of Valencia.

To portentosa life of the stop Vicent followed the comedy with the ass in the air (1980), Royal Jelly and Tales for a break (1981), of Mira directed his last episode: memories of the sea.

In 1983, and six weeks was shot the comedy that remove the bailao in the Valencian locality of Llutxent. The screenplay, written by himself, was focused on the history of a small town located in the ancient Kingdom of Valencia between the 15th and 16th centuries and where Christians and Muslims lived together. Starring actors Joan monleón, Guillermo Montesinos and empar Ferrer, Mira was also the collaboration of the inhabitants of Llutxent as the cast and technical team members. As a token of appreciation, filmmaker chose the location for the world premiere of the movie.

The King of mambo (1989), he wrote to Maruja Torres, was his last film. His filming began in April, mainly in Madrid, and in the presence of charo López and José Luis López Vázquez.[ 5 ] Mira said after the release of the film was not satisfied with the result that “urban people is unrecognized [on film] because it was made with the popular materials they despise, and popular people not followed it because it’s a few characters from other social group”. Four years later, on 12 January 1993, the filmmaker died due to a chronic leukemia


Year       Movie   Role       Notes

Director                Screenwriter

1973       Biotope                Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Short film Festival of Huesca and the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos for best short award

1975       A report to an Academy                Sí. Yes                   Short film, homologous theatrical adaptation of Franz Kafka

Michana               Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Short film

1976       Biure sense biure             Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Short film awarded with the Golden Spike Festival of Valladolid

1978       Portentosa life of the stop Vicent             Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1980       With his ass in the air      Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1981       Royal Jelly           Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

Short stories for a break               Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Episode: Memories of the sea

1983       We removed the bailao                Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1985       Karnabal              Sí. Yes

1988       Daniya, the harem garden           Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1989       The King of mambo         Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes