Concha Romero Pineda Puebla del Río, Sevilla;) (1945) is a playwright and screenwriter Spanish film.


As a young man he participated in the Seville University Theatre Group. He studied classical Philology at the University of Salamanca and then (interpretation) dramatic art at the School of cinematography of Madrid. For a few years she taught RESAD (Royal School of dramatic art). He is currently a high school Latin teacher, married and has two children; He lives in Madrid and writes Theatre, especially historical drama and screenplays for television and film, especially for Director Cecilia Bartolomé. His first dramatic piece was A smell of amber (1983); It teatraliza the dispute between two peoples by the relics of Santa Teresa; It was premiered in 1985 by a group of independent University of Madrid theater. In 1988 he published a Princess wedding on the marriage between the Catholic monarchs. In what is perhaps his best piece, A cursed Kiss (1989), raises the misery of couple relationships.


* 1 Let’s go, Barbara, 1978. Film script.

* 2 Costumes, 1978. Film script.

* 3. A smell of amber. Madrid: The WaSP, 1983. Theatre.

* 4. The marriage of a Princess. Madrid: Lucerne, 1988. Theatre.

* 5. A cursed Kiss, 1989. Theatre.

* 6. Game of Queens, 1989. Theatre.

* 7 Do have reason or not?, 1989. Theatre.

* 8 Love gods. Madrid: Classic editions, 1991. Theatre.