Edward Stacey Tedd Pierce III (August 12, 1906 – February 19, 1972), known as Tedd Pierce, was an artist and writer American cartoon.

Pierce spent much of his life working for the animation studio “Termite Terrace” from Warner Bros., alongside animators as Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese. Jones referred to Pierce in his 1989 autobiography Chuck Amuck: The Life and times of an Animated Cartoonist as the inspiration for the character Pepé Le Pew.

Pierce also worked as a voice actor in cartoons. His voice was similar to the of Bud Abbott, one of his works are shorts Babbit and Catstello. He worked in Wackiki Wabbit.

In its early years appeared in the credits as “Ted”. Added a “d” to its name as a way to imitate Bil Baird, who released an “l” of their own said.

Worked in the Tom and Jerry short history (along with Bill Danch) Tall in the Trap (1962), directed by Gene Deitch. It was originally going to be starring Sylvester and Speedy Gonzales, and directed by Robert McKimson. McKimson did not comply with the story, and decided not to use it. Instead, Pierce was able to sell to Deitch who looking for stories to Tom and Jerry.