Fernando Regueira (Quilmes, Buenos Aires, 10 March 1972) is a screenwriter argentino. He wrote scripts for film and television. He studied theory and film criticism with Ángel faretta “Aquileia” school. He attended University history and philosophy, music special. He wrote the first season of “Fly & Smith at Once”. In film he wrote scripts for Juan Carlos desanzo, Norberto Lopez Amado, patagonik film group and DeAPlaneta Spain. He Executive produced the feature film “The happy slaves” from Gabriel Arbós. In his words:

“Argentine cinema produced currently not even vaguely represents our culture thing that I think that it happens if we mean by” “culture” rather than urban sociology or neurosis of middle class. On the other hand just walking down the street or read daily, magazines or audio-visual number to verify that the definition not only applies to our cinema. The desert is moving about the City and the barbarian we expected, some time with us.

Selected filmography

* Fly & Smith at Once, (2004)


* INCAA (Project roots)

* San Luis province building Fund