Gerardo Olivares is a filmmaker Spanish born in 1964 in the Andalusian city of Córdoba. It is married, has two children and currently resides in Madrid. It was the first Spanish to win the Golden Spike at the prestigious film festival in Valladolid (SEMINCI) for his film “14 kilometres”.

Around the world

Tireless traveller, began to travel the world in 1987 while studying information sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid. With 20 years asked provided a Vespa for 4 months and his brother traveled to Cape North, in Lapland, where he made his first graphic reportáje on the nomads who live beyond the Arctic circle. Back to Madrid, the interview was published in the journal the adventurers and months later joined her under the orders of the journalist and writer Enrique Meneses, who has always considered his great master. A year later tour much of sub-Saharan Africa with a Seat Panda desert which subsequently over multiple times. During this trip began to mature it would be his first major documentary project, “La route de las cordobas”, a journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, in 36 cities, towns and geographic features named Córdoba. One year half toured the backbone of the American continent in three everything Featherstone, and the result was a series of 8 chapters issued in 1992 by TVE with great audience success. Two years later, in 1994, it bypasses also overland Africa, from Morocco to South Africa, and then to Egypt, to direct the “route de los Exploradores” in co-production with TVE. In 1997 tour Asian continent, from Spain to Singapore, in two trucks for the series “The path of Samarkand”, most-watched show of the year 2000 in TVE, 2 obtaining GECA award hearing record.


In 2005, and after a long career directing and writing documentaries, he decides make the leap to fiction in the hands of producer Jose María Morales (Wanda Films) “Grand Final”, movie shot in Mongolia, the Sahara and the Brazilian Amazon. With her vintage international awards and is selected to participate, among others, in the Berlin film festival. In 2006 he writes and directs “14 kilometres”, a film about the drama of the African immigration which has won over 15 international awards, strengthen you as one of the most committed filmmakers Spanish film scene. Currently in its third draft of fiction, “ENTRELOBOS”, together with Juan José Ballesta, Sancho Gracia, Carlos Bardem, Vicente Romero, Luisa Martín, Eduardo Gomez, Antonio Dechent, etc.


* The path of cordobas (1992)

* The path of Explorers (1994)

* The path of Samarkand (1997)

* Heirs of Genghis Khan (2000)

* Ghosts of Sulawesi (2000)

* Children of Jaguar (2000)

* Tibet, freedom in exile (2002)

* The desert of skeletons (2001)

* In the shadow of the Annapurnas (2003)

* Mekong, the river of nine dragons (2001)

* Inhabitants of the Himalayas (1999)

* A cloud on Bhopal (2001)

* Inheritors of the Earth (2002) (Miniseries)

* Hunger in the world explained to my son (2002)

* Caravan (2004)

* Third planet (film Director)

* Latest havens (film Director)

* Survivors of the planet (film Director)

* The final (2006)

* 14 km (2007)

* Somalia, a world apart (2007)

* Hunters (2007)

* Orient bazaars (2007)

* Entrelobos (now in cinemas) 450,000 spectators have seen it already.