Hugo Martín Cuervo (Gijón, Spain, 24 November 1987), is an actor, singer, writer and film director Spanish.

Son of a film and a flight attendant flight technician has always lived in Madrid, in fact in some interviews and reviews listed as Madrid and others as category. Martín Cuervo grew between sets and drawers of his father, filming camera setting in a very early fondness for the film. He was an actor and model child between 6 and 10, appearing in series with episodic roles or catalogues of fashion for children. He directed his first short amateur film with 17 years in digital format and fellow of the College. He was part of several madrilenian band as a singer, composer of most of the songs, which was to publish an EP with his group “City bedroom” dropped in 2009 to continue solo and acoustic. He managed access to RESAD in paragraph dramaturgy in the 2006 race that did not end, and simultaneously studied acting at the school of Juan Carlos corazza. Was nominated for the Goya Award in 2009, with the shortfilm youngest to do so.

Film career

In the winter of 2006, with only 19 years old, “End”, writes the that ultimately would be his first short film, starring imanol Arias and Manuela step. Shot in 2007 premiered at the SEMINCI winning the audience award for best short Spanish. At the end of 2008 it was nominated for the Goya Award for best short fiction.

At the beginning of that year he filmed “Abandonao” of Marathon Avid short Medina del Campo film week, taking that shot this in 30 hours and mounted on other ones. He acted and the idea was, as it sent the competition, developed on the fly. He won first prize in the marathon.

In 2008 he directed “last minute”, a story about domestic violence with Chema Muñoz and Joel Gómez.

In 2009 wheel his third short film, who closes his trilogy about fathers and sons: “The life I have left”, with Javier pereira, the peculiar history of a young man with Ásperger syndrome which quotes the sentence of his mother that has 7 lives as cats. Premieres in 2010 in the XII shows the community of Madrid short film. Also premieres in 2010 “moonlighting”, another comedy video product of another Marathon, this time by the Ministry of labour.

Filmography as director

Short films

* 2005 – Looking back (short)

* 2008 – End (short)

* 2008 – Abandonao (short)

* 2009 – Last minute (short)

* 2010 – Dual practice (short)

* 2010 – Life I have left (short)


Goya Awards

Year       Category              Movie   Result

2009       Best short film   Final       Candidate

Other awards

* In 2008 his first Final short received the audience award best short Spanish in SEMINCI, the award for best young short at the festival dunes, award TELEMADRID / other as a finalist in the X displays short films in Madrid.

* In 2008 Abandonao wins first of Marathon Avid Medina del Campo film week.

* In 2009 he received the award TELEMADRID / other as a finalist in the 11th shows the Madrid short film for his work last min