John Mallory Asher (born 13 January 1971) is an actor, film director, screenwriter, writer and photographer American.

Asher was born in Los Angeles, California child actor Edward Mallory and actress Bulifant Joyce. Gary, the series is the role more fame has given explosive girl (Weird Science).

Asher was married to Jenny McCarthy on September 11, 1999, but the couple separated in 2005. They have a son, Evan, who was born in 2002.

Currently maintains a relationship with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.



* October Road

“Revenge of the Cupcake Kid” (2008) TV episode (as John Asher)…. Ronald Buckman

* CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

“The Chick Chop Flick Shop” (2007) TV episode (as John Asher)…. Zack Putrid

* Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

“The Ex-File” (2007) TV episode (as John Asher)…. Fred Rinnert

* Las Vegas

“You Can’t Take It with You” (2004) TV Episode…. Calvin ‘Doc’ Haynes

* FastLane

“Dogtown” (2003) TV Episode (as John Asher)…. Shane

* Double Charlie (2003) (TV)…. Dean

* Going to California (2001) TV series…. Insect Bob

* Space Cowboys (2000)…. Jerry young

* The New Swiss Family Robinson (1998) (as John Asher)…. Shane Robinson

* Gun

o “The Shot” (1997) TV Episode (as John Asher)…. The Video Rat

* Time Well Spent (1996) (TV)

* Weird Science…. Gary Wallace

“Earth Boys Are Easy” (1995) TV Episode…. Gary Wallace

* Double Dragon (1994)…. Smartass Mohawk

* Showdown (1993/I)…. Mike

* Step by Step

“The Making of the President” (1992) TV Episode…. Student

* Frozen Assets (1992)…. Bobby Murdock

* Who’s the Boss?

“Field of Screams” (1991) TV Episode…. Usher

* Designing Women

“Julia and Rusty, Sittin’ in a Tree” (1991) TV Episode…. Dennis

* The Haunted (1991) (TV)…. Joe

* “Married… with Children”

“You Better Shop Around: Part 1” (1991) TV Episode…. Bob

* Beverly Hills, 90210

“Class of Beverly Hills” (1990) TV Episode (as John Asher)…. Guy in Hall


* Twisted (2008) (announced)

* One Tree Hill

“Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them” (2006) TV Episode (as John Asher)

“Brave New World” (2006) TV Episode

“The Worst Day Since Yesterday” (2005) TV Episode

“The Trick Is to Keep Breathing” (2004) TV Episode (as John Asher)

* Dirty Love (2005)

* The Policy (2003/II)

* Going to California (2001) TV series (as John Asher)

* Thank Heaven (2001)

* Diamonds (1999) (as John Asher)

* Chick Flick (1998) (as John Asher)

* Kounterfeit (1996)


* Dirty Love (2005) (producer) (as John Asher)


* Mating Rituals 101 (2004)


* Chick Flick (1998) (as John Asher)